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2016 Executive Board & Line Officers

The members listed below are the 2016 Line Officers and the 2016 Executive Board:

                               _______________ Line Officers:                   ____    ______                  

Chief: Heidi Michael

Deputy Chief: Bill O'Neil

Assistant Chief: Joe Paolo

Captain (Sub. Station): Jason Spisak

Lieutenant: John Fugee

Engineer: Michael Norcross

Assistant Engineer: Steve Trout / TJ Norman / Chris Lawton

                               ____ Executive Board:                __                          _____

President: Louis Fischer (rico)

Vice President: George Yockachonis

Secretary: Amanda Lange

Treasurer: Dave Cromwell


Louis Fischer
Donald Michael (head trustee)
Michael Norcross
Robert Shinn
Dean Cleland
Jack Johnson
Heidi Michel
John Gosline
Ted Terzian